Savox SC-1268SG
  • Savox SC-1268SG

Savox SC-1268SG

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This is the Savox SC-1268MG High Voltage Ultra Digital Steel Gear Servo. Savox have now released their
'High Voltage' servo line that can be powered by a unregulated LiPo battery! These servos combine leading edge
technology with super high 12 bit (4096) resolution. These servos also feature a redesigned motor/controller
unit, and use a 'bullet proof' all steel gear set for unmatched strength.

* No Regulator needed
* Higher performance due to increased voltage and improved technology
* Fast response
* Incredible torque
* Increased transit speed
* Increased efficiency
* Water resistant with 4 silicon seals implanted
* Strong and precise-made steel gears
* Suitable for 1/8th nitro racing and large scale aircraft.
* Suitable for 600 and 700 class helicopter swash plate servos.


* Torque: @6.0v - 208 oz-in. (13 kg-cm) / @7.4v - 361oz-in. (26 kg-cm)
* Speed: @6.0v - 0.13sec/60° / @7.4v - 0.11sec/60°
* Voltage Range: 4.5v-7.4v
* Weight: 62g
* Motor: Coreless
* Gear: Steel
* Case: Aluminum Heatsink
* Output Shaft: 25T Spline (Futaba)
* Dimensions (LxWxH): 40.3x20.2x37.2mm

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